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Van campers have gone through a renaissance in modern times. Beginning with their roots with the VW camper van to the more recent offerings in the newer Sprinter camper van, the modern camper van has really come of age. The producers of these coaches have made great strides in cramming all the features of a large motorhome into a compact, easy to drive machine.

Once the property of the do it yourselfer, who produced their own unique conversions, these small camper vans have been embraced by manufacturers and have undergone a revolution in usefulness and features offered making for comfortable camping. A bonus of these coaches is that they can be economically used as a second car, doubling their usefulness. For those on the fence of buying many of the models on the market exist as a camper van rental.

Vans in general by virtue of how small they are make great mini motorhomes for those who love to take quick trips on the weekends or even use for recreating with the family to sporting events and other local events. Van campers come in a large array of sizes from mini campers built on a minivan body, to the large Roadtrek camper vans. In the smaller units, the facilities may be more bare-bones, while in the larger models one is greeted with everything one expects in a full size motorhome. Still higher end and higher priced models exist in the illusive segment of four wheel drive vans.

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