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truck campers

If you already own a truck, you’re halfway there to owning a small RV by purchasing a truck camper. Small truck campers come in a wide array of sizes and configurations making it easy to find one suitable for almost every style and size of truck on the market. Truck campers appeal to those who love to camp in remote campsites or even exploring and camping in wilderness areas especially when paired with a four wheel drive truck as a base platform.

On the market one is greeted with numerous models from super compact pop up truck campers that lower down when driving such as the unique Alaskan Camper, to larger models designed for big trucks complete with numerous slideouts. This makes them comparable to Class C motorhomes with the added benefit that in the case of a four wheel drive pickup, they are all terrain mini motorhomes. Many manufacturers have been producing them for awhile like the well known Lance Truck Campers. If you have the money, you owe it to yourself to check out the progressive designs of the Earth Roamer truck campers.

Truck campers can be loaded on and off the truck fairly easily making preparation for a trip a simple matter. The plus of this is that the truck is available to be used for household duties which will not be the case with a specialized motorhome or van camper. Indeed the double duty of a truck and a camper is the appeal for many who buy them.

If you are an outdoorsman or woman who loves to recreate in those wild unspoiled places, take a look into the links below and give a truck camper a good consideration:

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