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The Aliner Trailer – One of a Kind

Easily recognizable in its unfolded state, the Aliner trailer is one of the more unique and unusual of the folding campers on the market today.  These units have been manufactured since the early 70’s being an evolution from other models of folding trailers being manufactured at that time, and also in the past.  Fast forward to today and these A-frame style coaches have evolved into easy to use, extremely lightweight, and durable RV’s perfect for those aliner trailerlooking to travel light, fast and spontaneous.  These rigs remain unique in the industry with Chalet RV being the only competitor making coaches of a similar configuration.  Interesting to note is that both the Aliner trailer and the Chalet have a loyal following on the internet with support groups to boot.

Aliner Trailers Offer Ease of Operation

What is attractive about the Aliner is the simplicity of its operation.  Resembling a tent trailer, by virtue of its folded appearance, when unfolded it raises in the midsection coming to a characteristic A frame silhouette when viewed from the side.  One thing that really sets these folding campers apart from tent campers is that the roof and side walls are made of smooth, solid fiberglass laminated walls instead of cloth.  This affords these compact gems better performance in cold or hot weather than anything fabric based.  At the same time, they are extremely easy to setup with manufacturers boasting a fast 30 second setup.  In contrast, tent trailers take much longer to get the rig into fully operational status.

Without a doubt, one of the other main draws to rigs of this nature and folding campers in general, is the inherent light weight and the easy maneuverability of a folding camper.  Towing is a breeze as the driver has an unobstructed view out the rear of the tow vehicle and the small footprint of the coach when folded lends to easy towing to where the driver may actually even forget its even there!

Tow an Aliner Trailer With Almost Anything!

The other major pull these units have is that they are towable by almost anything except the smallest of vehicles, depending on the size and complexity of the model you choose.  This allows those that own modest cars, small SUV’s, minivans and other similar vehicles to get on the road without having to invest in a special, expensive, heavy duty tow vehicle.  Though small in size, they still sport multiple beds, refrigeration, cook stoves, portable toilets with some even including a full size folding shower compartment!

aliner trailersBy nature of their compact size and ease of use, the Aliner travel trailer is attractive to those who are not full time RV’ers and want something for spontaneous, shorter excursions in general.  Remember they can be topped with a bike and/or kayak rack for a mobile base camp for exploring those out of the way, yet highly desirable camps.  Coupled with a small SUV or truck with four wheel drive, and you have an easy to use, highly mobile platform for fun and adventure.  An Aliner folding camper makes a great choice for those who find themselves short on time, yet want an alternative to tent camping and the inherent work involved, but gaining the convenience that RV’s bring to the table.

Another benefit of Aliner trailers is the modest cost.  Expect to pay from a low of a little over $6000, to well over $15,000 for the expedition, heavier duty models that also boast a ton of storage space, important for those contemplating longer trips but in a smaller, lighter space.  In addition to saving money buying your camper, also expect to save money in its operation.  These are some of the cheapest to operate RV’s in the industry, while still packing along all the desirable attributes and convenience that camping in RV’s offer.

Already own a decent tow vehicle and love getting away from RV parks into the campgrounds where larger RV’s fear to tread?  Do you find yourself with few precious weekends but are tired of all the packing and unpacking that tent camping entails?  Want something to be sitting in a standard driveway packed and ready to go on a moment’s notice?  Then take a good look at an Aliner trailer and prepare to have the time of your life during your precious, yet special, getaway adventures.

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