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Small Travel Trailers – Economical, Nimble, Easy to Operate Rv’s

The world of small travel trailers is a burgeoning one. With each passing year, manufacturers are offering more and more models, in such a huge array of styles and configurations, that one is sure to find the perfect match for the desired use of their chosen rig. In this post, we will concentrate on the small travel trailer, and will cover folding camper trailers, and pop up trailers on additional pages.  We will also cover many travel trailers such as the ubiquitous teardrop, on additional pages. For this topic we will specifically cover the small travel trailer that features full stand up height and minimal setup.

The benefits of a small travel trailer are many. A growing number of models in a myriad of configurations and floorplans, insurers the buyer will find one that perfectly suits the intended use. One of the benefits of a small trailer is that one can use the vehicle that they already own to tow it. Many now own small cars, SUVs, vans and minivans, or trucks of sufficient power and capability to tow these lightweight and convenient units. Small travel trailers compared to a tent trailer, or to tent camping itself, offer the convenience of a full size trailer or motorhome, in a quick getaway escape pod, yet easy to set up and operate coach.

Convenient, Go Anywhere Versatility!

small travel trailersA small RV trailer is economical to operate, easy to maneuver, and offers such ease of use that the owner will end up using it often. These are perfect units for those who like quick weekend getaways to those out-of-the-way places with minimal fuss. Of course, these mini coaches are extremely economical to operate using a fraction of the fuel that their larger brethren would require. Larger coaches require much more forethought, and are better suited for those living full-time in their recreational vehicle. Those who are not full timers and are working a typical work week will find a small travel trailer a perfect companion, making it the ideal portable cabin away from home.

Because of their small size and footprint, small travel trailers can take the back roads, those that wind up the coastal areas, even long forest service roads in stride. Their go anywhere versatility, appeals to those who seek out solitude, and those pristine, picturesque out of the way camps. Coupled with a four wheel drive tow vehicle, be it a truck, SUV or van, will offer one the ability to travel to, and camp almost anywhere. Upon returning home, the compact size of a small RV trailer makes parking it at home also easy adding to its usefulness.

Get Off the Ground Economically With a Small Travel Trailer

The folding tent trailer, while convenient, does not offer the superior protection from the elements as does a small travel trailer. Many now sport small-travel-trailerhard-sided fiberglass walls that are fully insulated, offering much greater comfort as compared to any rig with only nylon walls. Inside one is greeted with all the normal RV appliances that one is accustomed to seeing on much larger rigs. Most of the time, these are much the same appliances as on higher end rigs, though much more compact. One can find small travel trailers complete with showers, toilets, refrigeration, heating systems, and all that you would expect in a full-featured camper, except, in a much more compact footprint. Innovative arrangements even allow for full size beds if one desires. Many of these smaller units even offer small slide outs adding to the apparent spaciousness when operating in camp.

If you already own an even slightly powerful tow vehicle, you should look into the ever-growing world of the small travel trailer. Offering much greater convenience and time-saving usability than when pursuing tent camping, a lightweight mini travel trailer can be the perfect escape pod to those one-of-a-kind camps away from the crowds. For those that desire a quick to ready and easy-to-use, spontaneous and comfortable, and even dare say luxurious accommodations in a go anywhere footprint, should investigate the world of small travel trailers.

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