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Nowhere in the rapidly expanding small recreational vehicle market has there been more innovation and design progress than in the world of small trailers. One is greeted with a wide array of models in an equally large assortment of trailer types and classifications. Indeed, it is getting harder all the time to categorize all the different models available. In this section of Small RV’s we will cover all the different types of small trailers available from the older tiny fiberglass mini travel trailers, to innovations in mini toy haulers and small toy haulers, to the recent offerings in the expandable hybrid trailer market. We will even cover the classics like the venerable teardrop travel trailer.

For those interested in folding and pop-up campers and the ever expanding expandable market and all things in between will find a separate section devoted to those models. The beauty of the small trailers is that they can be towed easily, economically and safely with many of the newer half ton offerings in the market such as vans, trucks and SUV’s, and some can even be towed with cars. This makes the price of entry fairly easy to digest as many already own a sufficient tow vehicle to take care of hauling duties.

A small travel trailer or one of the small fifth wheel trailersare ideal for those who want to travel and camp swiftly, economically and like to pack up and leave on a spur of the moment. Larger, more expensive rigs while magnificent in their beauty and construction are better suited for those who are on the road either seriously part time or full time. The high cost of these larger rigs and the money required for their operation is usually out of the budget of the weekend warrior who wants to travel light and spontaneously.

Check out the links below and explore the pros, cons and options of the different models of small trailers for camping that you can purchase today:

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