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Small Toy Hauler – Mini Garage On Wheels

The small toy hauler is a fairy recent innovation in the recreational vehicle marketplace. Not long ago came the first toy hauler, the first true garage on wheels. Shortly thereafter, these coaches began to grow in increasing size, to where you can now find, large, luxury fifth wheels with multiple slideouts, over 40 feet long on the road today.  In the exact opposite direction, small toy haulers have begun appearing on the market that are truly small, just big enough to carry a good sized quad or a decent bike and some gear, yet still featuring full self-containment as with any RV.

What’s a Small Toy Hauler?

The definition of a small toy hauler to us are those units under 20 feet in length and are made for quick trips most likely with some form of small toy haulermotorized entertainment contained within its tiny garage.  Lightweight toy haulers with their small size and ultra-light weight, make them truly easy to use on a spur of the moment outing.  Crediting their inherent light weight, operation is very economical compared to the huge fifth wheel garages one sees in tow.  Indeed, there are a good number of them on the market that are half ton towable.

Despite their small size, small toy haulers pack in the features within their small footprint.  Some units are just big enough to fit a good size motorcycle or a single quad into.  Despite this fact, they will still sport full self-containment within their compact walls.  Most will still feature a compact bath complete with shower, and a full kitchen on the front wall leaving the rear open for your toy.  Flanking the rear side walls will be fold up seating and bedding of some kind, usually couch type arrangements on both opposite walls. These couches are used to both eat and entertain on by day, and then convert to comfortable beds at night for sleeping.

Big Features In Small Walls

A small toy hauler will still pack in the normal RV style appliances that make RV’ing so popular and fun.  Refrigerators from 3 to some 8 cubic feet will be found even on these small units.  Galleys will sport at least a single bowl sink supplied by a freshwater tank and water pump.  A grey water tank is usually included too especially in the sizes near 20 feet.  Some will have a normal RV style toilet system and associated holding tank, while the smaller coaches may opt for a portable toilet instead.

The Big Names In Small Toy Haulers

Some of the big names in the small toy hauler market are Carson Trailer, Hyperlite Trailers, and the smallest, yet full-featured hauler we’ve seen at lightweight-toy-haulers12 feet from Dune Sport that can just fit a two-seater quad in its compact walls.  It still manages to feature a full galley, compact bathroom, two couch beds, and plenty of storage, definitely worth checking out.  Carson has a large number of sizes and options, with their smallest model the Rebel, coming in at 14 feet, and 18 feet overall.   They are worth looking into should you have specific needs as they offer a large number of sizes and configurations in their lines.  There are also a good deal of “normal” recreational vehicle manufacturers offering various small toy haulers in their product lines.

These lightweight toy haulers are good for those who desire to only have minimal facilities and prefer to travel lite and quick yet still bring along their prize machine.  If you find yourself heading out for just a single night or two on the weekends to go unwind with some exhilarating riding in nature or at one of the many ORV parks to be found, you should consider one of these units.  A big bonus of a small toy hauler is that especially when coupled with a compact four wheel drive pickup, you can travel self-sufficiently almost anywhere you can find a road leading to some truly memorable adventures.

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