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Small RV livingis truly living the good life. Small RVs are among the most versatile of RV’s in that depending upon the total size of the coach, they can be used more often than their larger cousins in the Class A, Class C motorhome segment. This is also true especially in the towable sector because of the hitching and un-hitching and other time-consuming setup involved. These uses can include much more than merely camping. A small RV can easily be used as a “base camp” for attending music concerts, sporting events, and day trips into nature and so on. A small RV in the driveway is a great asset to have in this busy world enabling you to make those great escapes as the opportunities present themselves.

Another segment of the population attracted to small RV living, are those trying conserve funds such as the van living community. Because of their small size, the free and cheap RV living possibilities as regards to parking are much wider than with a larger coach. As with ANYRV, living fulltime in an RV is an inherently cheaper lifestyle than any other. Even if you find yourself having to work at a long-term job fulltime, the RV lifestyle will conserve your funds to the maximum amount possible.

Living in a small RV fulltime is probably not the path for most, though it can function well temporarily for those who decide or need to go this route. As we have pointed out, there are a number of medium size rigs that can serve in this capacity, at least for a period of time. Schedule yourself time to take in an RV camping show or two to get a taste and feel for what’s out there. On the following pages we will offer you different viewpoints to help you decide which path could be best for your particular situation. Which path you pursue is unique to you and your position at this point in your life.

Follow the links below for some tips and info to contribute to your enjoyment and the ability to flourish, in your participation in the world of small RV living.

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