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small motorhomes

In this section of the website we cover the small motorhomes available including the small Class A’s and the wide variety of Class C motorhomes as well as the exciting Class C diesel motorhomes
. The rapidly expanding market of van campers or Class B motorhomes as they are categorized is covered in a separate section here. Small motorhomes have a definite appeal as they are easy and fun to drive. Smaller motorhomes are definitely easier to drive and are much more highly maneuverable than the larger coaches. Being small also makes it not so necessary to take a separate car or toad along contributing to economical operation.

Initially the price of small motorhomes is more expensive than a towable RV, as the price of the motor is naturally included in the price tag. Though the price is steeper a motorized RV is ready to go with no hitching or unhitching required. Common to all motorhomes and van campers, one gets to ride inside of the RV making it convenient to use the facilities contained within at a moment’s notice. In recent years the comforts and appointments inherent in these coaches has increased in luxury and inherent usefulness. Even more forward thinking has resulted in the exciting possibilities ina 4×4 motorhome. Manufacturers have been able to stuff all desirable features of the bigger coaches into a much more compact package.

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