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Small Motor Homes – Filling The Gaps

Those looking for a compact, stylish quick getaway rig, will be pleased when they survey the market of small motor homes. When we refer to a small motorhome, we are excluding the Class A motorhomes, as these units run fairly large.  Our definition of small motor homes, are those units under 30 feet, but the coaches we are concentrating on can be even smaller. In the last couple of years numerous van conversions, often labeled Class B or sometimes called B+ in the larger units, that are built on larger diesel based van platforms, have made their appearance on the market. In addition, the traditional Class C motorhome has been morphing in length into fairly compact units to where the two types of RV’s are mutating into similar yet distinctive rigs that offer similar benefits for those attracted to owning a smaller version of a full size luxury motorhome.

The Gap Filling World Of Small Motor Homes

small motor homesIn this article we will concentrate on the Class C motorhome reserving the Class B van type motorhomes in a seperate section of the site, as they are deserving of their own distinct coverage as the number of offerings increases. There are a number of manufacturers putting out what is labeled the “Super C” or sometimes “Luxury C Class” motorhomes, whereby, the traditional Class C motorhome is growing larger and larger into units that are rivaling the Class A motorhome, replete with numerous slideouts and all the accruements of a traditional Class A.

Both the small motor homes in the Class C division and the longer rigs available, will often be built on a van or truck chassis, and will be offered in both gas and the more economical diesel engine choices. Any of these units we are describing that are under 30 feet are economical to operate and fairly easy to drive. While not as spacious as a Class A motorhome, nor offering as expansive a view as a large Class A motorhome windshield, they offer much of the same luxury, appliances, and comfort. There also exist many that offer multiple slideouts even in the shorter lengths for those who need or desire the comfort.

The Class C – The Original Small Motorhome

The mini Class C’s have the requisite shape of the old style Class C motorhome, though often the normal cabover bed is being swept back into a more aerodynamic shape, and instead of offering a cabover bed, now will house a forward positioned entertainment center and/or additional storage cabinets over the driving cab. The small motor homes will not often have any slide outs, nor a separated bedroom, instead sporting a more one room arrangement, with pull out couch beds, and dinettes that become additional sleeping areas. Outside storage will usually be had, with the smaller units offering storage into the dinettes, couches and beds, as in traditional Class C’s.

In mid lengths, a small double bed may be tucked against the rear wall, flanked by a small bathroom. In the longer lengths near 30 feet, a master bedroom will be featured in the rear of the coach, with perhaps an even larger bathroom. Slideouts will usually be featured on these larger coaches. Outside storage can be abundant on these rigs, with manufacturers now building them on top of a full basement. This arrangement affords the familiar Class A type storage areas and compartments, including the requisite lift doors, allowing easy carrying and access to an enormous amount of gear, while retaining the pleasing and desirable footprint of a small motorhome.

Full-timing In Small Motor Homes

small-motorhomesThe smaller Class C’s will appeal to those who want a rig that can be quickly readied for a spontaneous getaway, or traveling the back roads and byways that the larger Class A’s and fifth wheels would have trouble navigating. The larger Class C’s may now even appeal to people who are fulltiming in search of a smaller and easily navigable, yet extremely complete and luxurious coach, that leaves nothing behind or to be desired. Those with a slideout or two, and basement storage are indeed remarkably spacious inside thus contributing to their appeal to one who desires to fulltime in a smaller coach.

The RV industry is making great strides in coming up with appealing, imaginable rigs of every size and shape, covering all possible uses of the people who are buying them. If you are in the market searching for small motor homes you won’t be disappointed by what you find, as the possibilities and offerings are multiplying with each passing year.

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