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Small Fifth Wheel Trailers – The Most House in the Shortest Length

Small fifth wheel trailers can be some of the most appealing recreational vehicles on the road today. They will especially appeal to the serious RV’er, those looking for more than a quick weekend vacation. The accommodations in most small fifth wheel trailers definitely encourage longer-term use.  Those who plan to spend a great deal of time on the road, whether it is for their occupation, or if one’s life is so arranged, that they can spend a more prolonged time out on the road, these coaches definitely fit the bill.

In this article, a small fifth wheel is defined as a coach under 30 feet in length. Beyond this length, are rigs that will mostly appeal to those who are full time RVing, and are beyond the scope of the subject we are focusing on, small RVs. A small 5th wheel, as a small trailer, is definitely appealing for a number of reasons. Fifth wheels in general provide the most interior living space, in the shortest towing length possible. If a fifth wheel is 30 feet long, you will have 30 feet of interior living space at your disposal. In the case of a travel trailer, a tongue of up to 4 feet in length is included in the total length of the coach. Thus, a 30 foot travel trailer, actually only offers 26 feet of interior living space.

The Ease Of Operating Small Fifth Wheel Trailers

small fifth wheel trailersOther benefits of small fifth wheel trailers, that also apply to fifth wheels in general, are that they are the most stable of the towable recreational vehicles. By virtue of the pickup bed mounted hitch, located over the rear axle, towing is safe, solid and tight. Another benefit of the small fifth wheel, especially in late model coaches, is the high maneuverability by virtue of the tight turning radius offered, especially when the manufacturer cuts the front corners of the coach. Many rigs now boast an 88° turning radius, even with a short bed truck, thus adding to the ease of towing and parking.

Because a coach is labeled a small fifth wheel, does not mean that one will be doing without. Inside the occupants will be greeted with most everything the larger, luxury coaches offer. Multiple slide outs, add to the great spaciousness as does the front forward sloping ceilings. Indeed, small fifth wheel trailers offer the most interior spaciousness, boast an abundance of storage with most featuring basement pass-throughs,in the easiest most navigable RV. The extra added bonus is that those under 30 feet, can still fit in most primitive campgrounds available today.

Small 5th Wheels-Perfect For “Part-Timers”

small 5th wheelSmall 5th wheels often come with easy to care for fiberglass siding, all the luxury appliances one would expect, large cavernous storage bays between the first and second levels, queen size beds and all you would expect from a luxury coach. Many small fifth wheel trailers are now offered that can be towed by the commonly available half-ton trucks on the market. Easy hitching and unhitching also contributes to its ease-of-use, while easily removable fifth wheel hitches, allow full use of the truck bed when not towing.

A small fifth wheel is definitely an appealing choice for anyone who plans to spend a good deal of time on the open road. As one in this position needs a home away from home, coaches such as these definitely fill that bill. If you find yourself in the great opportunity to where you have a large amount of free time available, or the ability to take your work on the road, and would like a true home away from home, small fifth wheel trailers could be the perfect solution.

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