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Small Camper Vans – Spontaneous RV Travel At the Ready

Small camper Vans can be an ideal choice for those who want to cover ground quickly, often, and yet carry along the full RV-type facilities associated with larger, heavier, and more expensive coaches. Van campers are excellent companions in navigating windy, narrow, and harder to navigate back roads, dirt roads and other desirable out-of-the-way places.  A bonus feature of small camper Vans, is that they can be used as a second car, doubling their usefulness.

Small Camper Vans Are Merging With Class C Motorhomes

small camper vansIn the RV world, small camper Vans are commonly referred to as a class B, or B+ motorhome.  Compared to Europe, a small Van camper in America is much larger than its European counterpart.  Indeed, the United States offerings continue to grow larger with each passing year.  Many of the coaches referred to as camper vans use the front of the Van body, while opening the rear of the body in conventional motorhome style.  Consumers can see that the designs of many modern Van campers, are beginning to emerge with the smaller class C motorhomes, and offering many if not most, of the same features of their larger counterparts, except for slide outs.

The small Van camper has its origin in the Volkswagen campers of the past which have their roots in Germany.  Indeed, Europe embraces the smaller motorhome and the Van camper much more than the United States, which seems to prefer the larger offerings of conventional motorhomes.  In the US, the Van camper began to expand through the use of both nylon fabric pop-top roofs, and then a myriad of different fiberglass molded tops, most offering full stand-up height interiors.  A small van camper of the present, offers many of the same conveniences, appliances and features of their larger, though more luxurious cousins, both the Class A and Class C motorhome.

Modern Delivery Vans are Becoming The New Small Van Camper

Present-day Van campers can now be purchased in a myriad of styles and configurations.  Many are now based on the new, larger, high-top diesel vans that are often used as delivery vans.  These newer vans, are boxier, featuring full stand-up height without the need of a fiberglass roof, and offer creative use of the extra space afforded by this configuration.  Manufacturers are taking full advantage of this and coming up with innovative, comfortable, even luxurious designs within the smaller combines of the Van body.  Being easy to drive for all members of the family, a camper van can economically double as a second car, and is especially useful and convenient on family outings and errands.

Among the few disadvantages of a small camper Van, is the dilemma of storage.  The room to carry and store gear is at a premium.  You often see small-camper-vanmany with roof pods, rear hitch carriers, or some even towing cargo trailers to carry their extra gear.  Still, all in all, the whole package travels in a small footprint.  As with caring loads of gear, it also follows that Van campers can only accommodate so many extra batteries, solar panels, food storage and so on.  Though, for those who are not full-time RVing, a Van camper makes a perfect, self-sufficient, quick getaway platform for getaways up to a month in duration.

Four Wheel Drive Camper Vans

For those with deeper pockets, consider looking into the small camper Vans specially equipped with four wheel drive.  Those who love to explore isolated, pristine, places of solitude will find the four wheel drive Van camper, the perfect ticket to get them there.  Upon arriving, all the comforts of a large RV await them.  Four wheel drive Van campers can be bought with all the heavy duty add-ons one would expect to find on a well-equipped off-road truck, while offering the full benefits of the accommodations of a Van camper.  Traveling to one-of-a-kind panoramic settings is in easy reach with one of these rigs.

A small camper Van definitely has an appeal for those who want to travel quick and light.  While not recommended for full-time living, the more spartan accommodations as compared to their larger motorhome counterparts, pales compared to the ease by which one can quickly travel in them.  If this sounds like something that appeals to you, and fits your specific needs, the exciting world of small camper Vans could be in your future.

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