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Off The Beaten Track in a 4×4 Motorhome

While today’s motorhomes are definitely an attractive option to tour the RV parks, they pale when you want to wander the back-roads in style, turning some to look at the 4×4 motorhome. While relatively rare in the RV marketplace there exists a few manufacturers that put out high quality work for those who find this option an attractive one. For some, the idea of staying in RV parks constantly is unacceptable, and they genuinely crave the wide open spaces this country has to offer. At the same time these same folks, also have come to like the creature comforts of modern small motorhomes. Luckily, you don’t have to choose one or the other or leave anything behind as there are coaches on the market that definitely fit the bill.

Host-One of the First to Offer a 4×4 Motorhome

One of the better known companies primarily for their high quality pickup truck campers, is Host Campers located in Bend Oregon at the base of the 4x4 motorhomeCascade Mountains. Their slogan ‘Campers made for people who camp, by people who camp”, is definitely one they seem to live by. If you take a look at one of their coaches you’ll quickly see they are some of the highest quality at their price point on the marketplace.

In recent times they have introduced a line-up of Super-C coaches boasting included four wheel drive. These one of a kind rigs are built atop the Ford F550, duel rear wheel chassis, sporting the Ford 6.4L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel engine, providing a robust platform for the high end upper structure. The front of the coach sports a 4 deluxe seat driving compartment that is open to the rear of the motorhome. Host spared no expense when deciding what to include in their coaches. Expect high end appliances, top of the line entertainment components and other recreational vehicle lifestyle necessities.

In addition to these expected offerings Host has also concentrated its efforts on gear that compliments its off-road abilities like LP or diesel generators, quad 6-volt battery compartments and large 200 amp alternators to insure your batteries are full when you reach that remote camp. As of this writing Host offers 3 models of their 4×4 motorhomes, a 27 footer with a cabover bed, a 30 foot model featuring 3 slideouts and a separate rear bedroom, and a 4x4 motorhome interiorquad slide model sporting both a cabover bed as well as a separate master suite in the rear. Of course coaches over 30 feet are pushing the definition of small RV’s but we’d like to include them as an alternative to the 40+ foot monsters on the road today.

Prices for a 4×4 motorhome from Host are steep as expected for a specialty product such as this, ranging from a base retail of $175,000 for the 27’ model, to over $200,000 for the quad slide. Options such as a generator, solar electric charging systems and so on, will bring the final price even higher. All in all, that’s fairly reasonable considering how much a high end motorhome can cost on today’s market.

The Unique 4×4 Motorhomes From XPlorer

For something completely different and truly customized, one should look at the offerings from Xplorer Motor Homes. Xplorer motorhomes a division of Startracks Custom Vehicles exists as a company to look to when you want to order something truly customized. The company starts with a number of base platforms as a starting point from a robust Ford F550 4×4 platform the same as Host, to a unique Ford F750 4×4 model. A large number of upper structure floor plans are offered enabling the consumer to customize to their liking. These can include a number of slideouts adding to the off road comfort when camped in the middle of nowhere. The number of options they offer is quite extensive 4x4 motorhomesenabling you to get a one of a kind rig with the specs you really want.

Xplorer has also taken a lead from the boating crowd by featuring reliable alternative gear such as diesel cook stoves, diesel furnaces, diesel generators and robust solar systems, enabling long term self-sufficiency. They also include large fuel tanks for this gear drawing off the trucks main fuel tank, replacing the use of propane in the coach except for the water heater and the refrigerator, instead. The diesel based appliances are extremely efficient as boaters around the world know all too well, and are an excellent alternative to the cheaper standard RV equipment. One can even order an electrical glass topped cook stove, and/or electric water heating that could be powered by the generator or the solar system as well.

When is a 4×4 Motorhome Really a Truck Camper?

This is not by any means an exhaustive list of 4×4 motorhome manufacturers. What exists out there on today’s marketplace is not easily found in the mainstream marketplace. There are others that really qualify as a 4×4 motorhome, but many will label them truck campers such as the unique Earthroamer or the Tiger Motor Home, which in essence even the Host and Xplorer models resemble somewhat. What they offer truly though is far beyond your standard pickup camper platform. For those serious about their off-road adventure filled lifestyle, check out a 4×4 motorhome today.

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