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Mini Travel Trailers – Compact, Yet Full-Featured Campers

Mini travel trailers are a unique breed of recreational vehicle altogether. The world of the mini travel trailer offers a dizzying array of models, styles and configurations to suit various needs of the market. These units make excellent, quick getaway, easy to tow funhouses.  The coaches we are concentrating on are those under 20 feet. Despite their small size and compact footprint, they still offer many of the conveniences and luxuries of their larger counterparts. In this article, we will be focusing exclusively on mini travel trailers, and save folding campers, and the infamous teardrop for future posts.

Mini Travel Trailers-Ready For Action!

A mini travel trailer is the antidote to those who no longer find tent camping comfortable, convenient, or worth the work involvmini travel trailersed. The lightweight portability, and easy tow-ability, contribute greatly to their ease of use. Many units now support easy to clean fiberglass siding, and are fully insulated, offering a comfortable camping experience that tent campers can only dream of. There are many units also in this category, that are built from one piece fiberglass molds. These rigs are sturdy, durable and lightweight, and sport steel frames underneath that ensure they will stand up to the rigors of off road driving and navigating.

An added benefit of the mini travel trailer, is that one won’t have to invest in a super duty tow rig to pull it around. Most families and consumers will probably already own a sufficient Van, SUV, or in some cases even a car that is adequate enough to serve as the tow vehicle. This keeps the total price of investment to put yourself into one of small trailers, very low. A combination such as this, of course, gets great gas mileage, and is extremely efficient to operate. For those looking to keep costs down, one of these rigs could be the perfect solution.

A Mini Travel Trailer is Big on Features

Those who decide on owning mini travel trailers, will not have to be doing without. Inside, one will be greeted with full bedding, ample storage, full kitchen facilities completmini-travel-trailere with refrigeration, and in most cases a full bathroom complete with toilet and shower. A decent sized freshwater tank, coupled with small holding tanks, provides full self-sufficiency in a compact package. Usually a battery or two is standard equipment, as well as one or sometimes two propane tanks. This provides lighting, power for the water pump, some power for laptops running on small inverters, and the propane will provide hot water, fuel for cooking, and runs the refrigerator when Boondocking. All in all, all the comforts of home are at your fingertips, in the smallest space possible.

Those who want to travel fast, nimble, and light, and yet want a rig that can be parked easily in the driveway or even the garage for those fast getaways, will find mini travel trailers an excellent choice. If you find yourself overly busy, and yet want the perfect escape pod to spontaneously take off quickly on the weekend or when other small slots of free time present themselves, look into a mini travel trailer. Coupled with a small minivan, or a small SUV or 4×4 truck, together provides the perfect retreat to seek out those rejuvenating recreational spaces.

Take Those Quick Escapes In Stride

Available in a wide array of shapes and sizes to surely provide anyone looking for a compact yet full-featured camper, a mini travel trailer is the perfect antidote to the problem of one having little time, and yet desiring to experience the great outdoors with a high level of comfort and convenience. The market for these coaches has all but exploded in recent years offering the consumer a great deal of choices sure to cover one’s specific needs. If you identify yourself with the points and main thrust of this article, investigate the world of mini travel trailers, you won’t be sorry.

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