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Mini Toy Haulers – Haul Your Toy and Then Some

Those with a V-6 or smaller V-8 engine powered vehicle, wanting to make a quick weekend getaway with their prize off-road toy, may want to look at the few mini toy haulers on the market. While this market segment is indeed small, so to speak, there are a few models available for those who wish to go this route. For some it would make sense to instead opt for a cargo trailer to do the hauling duties, but these rigs are of course lacking in the facilities that make recreational vehicles appealing. Having the ability to haul a toy and some self-containment around in a compact small trailer, will fit the bill for those desiring a compact, convenient package.

The Truly Mini Toy Haulers

One of the main engineering problems facing those who manufacture truly small toy haulers is that with a single axle, the weight carrying capacity of mini toy haulerthese units is limited. When adding in all the self-containment equipment, the weight of a chosen toy and filling the holding tanks, one quickly realizes that they are bumping up against the weight carrying capacity of the coach. Because of this conundrum, there are only a couple of examples of single axle, tiny toy haulers available to today’s consumers. We will offer you one single and one double axle in our examples.

Dune Sport is one such manufacturer offering a single axle model which also produces a number of smaller toy haulers, as well as the customary large coaches we are used to seeing. The company makes nothing but toy haulers so they know their stuff. On the mini side of things they build the “Firestorm” model coming in at a mere 12 feet in length. This coach can snugly fit a large two-seater quad in its cargo area. Keep in mind that there is no separate garage featured in a rig this size so you’ll be sharing your living space with your toy.

Despite the ultra-compact footprint, Dune Sport still manages to fit a full galley with stove and refrigerator, as well as a self-contained bathroom complete with shower in the front of the unit. The rest of the trailer features dual flanking fold up couches that turn into beds at night, with a large table that mounts between them. Both couches sport overhead cabinets running their entire length above. All this is built into the trailer which comes in at a mere 7 feet in width and a little over 9 feet in height.

The Double Axle Carson Rebel-Room to Breath

Though it rides on dual axles, the Carson Rebel comes in at a tiny 18 feet in length including the trailer tongue.  This makes the “box” length a small 14 mini toy haulersfeet in length and 7 feet in width. Still despite the small proportions Carson manages to pack in the features. Similar to the Firestorm, the Rebel features a complete kitchen and full bathroom in the front of the unit. The rear of the unit is also similar with dual facing, fold up couches and overhead cabinets. The main difference between the two is that because of the dual axles, the Rebel has more cargo carrying capacity and most likely better stability when towing.

Make Your Escape in These Compact Coaches!

As an alternative to using or converting a cargo trailer, these compact units offer full featured self-containment when arriving at camp. Despite their tiny refrigerators and modest tankage, if your objective is to haul a single toy on quick getaways for some R&R, these coaches come into their own. What they do serve up is the perfect amount of storage, carrying capacity, and full blown facilities to make these trips easy, convenient and fun.  Preview these models online to see, if perhaps, one of the mini toy haulers are calling to you.

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