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folding campers

The world of folding campers is a tough one to keep up with, as the definition of what constitutes a folding camper is changing all the time. The market is quickly becoming vast and hard to categorize as the varied offerings are multiplying with each passing year. Everyone is familiar with the classic Coleman pop up camper style tent campers, but now one can entertain the possibilities offered by all sorts of so-called hybrid expandable travel trailers, with pop outs and slideouts of all sorts coming out from every direction on the coach.

For our purposes at Small RV’s we will include all the different types of folding campers as well as the hybrid, the expandable’s, and pop outs and other unique models like the Aliner trailer or the Chalet folding trailer that we find in this RV market sector. All in all, you will definitely find a model to be interested in. The beauty of many of these units is their smaller size, though one can find longer models that fold up too like the unique Hi-Lo trailer.

Another advantage of folding campers is their inherent light weight. The makes for economical operation that is important to many in this economy. Another attractive feature are the number of beds available especially in the pop out type campers. This can be very important for camping families with children. Though many of the folding campers of the past featured nylon pop out walls, there are now a growing number introduced to the marketplace that sport hard walled pop outs that perform much better in inclement weather.

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