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Expandable Travel Trailers – Popping Out In Every Direction

Within the last few years as people began to downsize into smaller vehicles, a new breed of hybrid expandable travel trailers to compliment them, have made their appearance on the market.  Available in a large variety of configurations and options, manufacturers are extending their imaginations in non-traditional directions and coming up with some surprisingly refreshing and capable floorplans.  Their compact size makes them easy to park at home.  Coupled with a fuel efficient vehicle, they make a perfect quick escape and getaway package.

What Are Expandable Travel Trailers?

Expandable trailers in our definition, is a folding camper cover the units now being offered that come with mini slideouts, pop outs, and slide expandable travel trailersbacks, a term used to describe a small slideout that extends out the back of the trailer.  While a comparison can be made to the traditional tent trailer, the rigs we are detailing sport mini slideouts that are built from solid material replacing the traditional, thin fabric walls.  These coaches offer far greater protection from the elements and are easier to heat and cool compared to the nylon walled tent trailer greatly adding to user comfort.  The mini pop outs offer greater spaciousness and roominess than a traditional small travel trailer making them very appealing.

Expandable travel trailers offer all that you would expect inside a normal travel trailer yet in a sub-compact package.  An additional feature of many of these small rigs, is the ultra-lightweight inherent in its design.  They can be towed easily by many compact vehicles such as smaller trucks, SUV’s, minivans, or even mid-sized cars.  This brings the cost of admission down as you can use your existing vehicle in most cases.  Operation is very economical of course, as gas mileage is excellent with these super-light coaches.

This Isn’t The Old Tent Trailer

Compared to the tent trailer of old, expandable travel trailers have ease of setup inherent in the design.  Some require a more manual setup of releasing latches and pushing the various pop outs into place and locking them.  Others on the higher end will feature electronic slides adding greatly to easy, quick setup when arriving at camp, cutting the time towards your enjoyment down to minutes.

Keeping with the pattern established from the tent trailer, expandable trailers have various beds that pop out the end walls.  Some stay true with the normal pattern of front and rear beds that pop out and lock in place, while manufacturers have pioneered other, newer arrangements.  An innovative addition you will find will be a full size queen bed that slides out the rear and sometimes also the front wall.  Some units will feature additional beds that pop out the side walls, while you can also find the normal slideouts for dinettes and couches as well as the bed pop outs.

All the Big Trailer Features in Expandable Trailers

Just like a traditional travel trailer expandable travel trailers feature normal appliances like refrigerators, water systems with holding tanks, expandable-trailersfurnaces and everything you’d expect in a full sized coach, though in a much more compact footprint.  As these coaches also offer full stand up headroom and do not fold up, a compact bathroom complete with toilet and shower will be found.  Ample storage areas complete the package allowing you to conveniently bring along all your camping goodies.

For quick trips and weekend getaways, as well as the occasional longer excursion, these can be ideal units especially if you own a decent tow vehicle of adequate power. Those with families will especially be attracted to these compact coaches, as they inherently feature lots of bedding options, and are far more convenient to operate and live in compared to tent camping.  If you are looking for a small but full featured trailer, in a wide variety of configurations to suit your needs, look into the expanding world of expandable travel trailers.

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