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Class C Motor Homes | Perfect For Familes and Traveling Couples

Class C Motor Homes are familiar to all with their characteristic cab-over front end.  Built on a van or sometimes a truck chassis, these coaches have traditionally made excellent family campers in the past.  Recent innovations though, have brought forth a number of models that are appealing to a broader range of buyers, especially the traveling couple.  The traditional cab-over design that usually featured a large bunk type bed has now begun to give way to numerous front ends that are swept back aerodynamically.  They either house storage or entertainment centers built in place of the traditional cab-over bed.  Their compact size lends well to those who want to make weekend and longer escapes without the hassle of operating a bigger rig.

The New Class C Motor Homes

Some of the well-known notable models from some of the bigger name manufacturers include Tioga by Fleetwood with several models, Coachmen with class c motor homesseveral lines, Itasca featuring the Navion and the Cambria, and one of the most well-known names associated with the Class C moniker, the classic Winnebago brand manufacturing Class C’s under the lines View, Aspect and Access.  It goes without saying that the new Winnebago’s are nothing like their classic counterparts.  Prices range from a low of around $65,000 to $100,000 and up depending on engine choice, length and desired features.

As these manufacturers push the envelope of design with the Class C motor homes, a number of interesting small motor homes have resulted from this.  In lengths 25 feet and under, these coaches are usually a one room affair.  This means that they usually will not feature a separate rear bedroom.  Sleeping accommodations in these shorter length units will come by way of fold out couch beds, dinettes that will convert to bedding, and of course the cab-over bed.  This can be an important consideration for those who may not want to setup and tear down bedding every night.

When moving into larger lengths especially around 28 feet and up, a full bedroom will usually be included that takes up the rear of the coach.  This will be especially important for those who plan on camping with children so that the adults can have some much needed privacy.  Additional sleeping quarters will be the same as in the shorter length rigs, from couches and dinettes, and the cab-over bunk.

Class C’s and the Great Indoors

Common to both of these coach lengths will be all the customary equipment and features that one expects in a modern RV.  Convenient appliances like cooktops with ovens, microwaves, entertainment centers and so on will be included in most coaches that are fairly recently manufactured.  Depending small class c motorhomeson length, one will also find one or more slideouts included to expand the interior space to comfortable widths, greatly contributing to the ease and enjoyment of using the RV for more extended periods of time.

Recent models of Class C motor homes have been undergoing some changes in design, most notably a sweeping back and elimination of the front cab-over bed and instead replacing it with front facing entertainment centers with large screen televisions, as well as additional large storage spaces.  Another exciting feature that is making its way into these coaches is the inclusion of a basement underneath the coach.  This provides large storage bays similar to their larger Class A cousins, though not as many, yet still providing large amounts of outside storage space, a welcome feature.

Small Class C RV’s have really undergone some major design changes away from the traditional look and operation of models in the past.  These new features make them even more attractive to RV’ers who are not planning to be fulltimers.  This makes these models appealing to both those with families, or the traveling solo couple as there are a large number of floorplans to suit these diverse uses.  Through their compact footprint, they are easy to drive and operate making them highly useful for those who like to travel often, in a spontaneous fashion.  Despite their small size, the inclusion of basement storage and slideouts make them suitable for longer travel too.  If you are looking for a compact coach that leaves all the bulk of the Class A’s behind, look into the ever expanding and morphing market of Class C Motor Homes.

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