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Class C Diesel Motorhomes – Just the Right Size

Class C diesel motorhomes have begun to be one of the most sought after platforms among non-fulltime but serious RV’ers. Without a doubt, the introduction of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis was the catalyst to make that small motorhome platform a desirable and viable alternative to the larger Class A motorhome. The perfect combination of ingredients has come together to yield a high performance machine that boasts excellent fuel economy, extreme safety in operability and performance, within a compact package. At the same time the Sprinter is packing enough muscle to be able to power around robust, comfortable interiors, as well as brag about decent towing capability up to 5000 pounds.

Class C Diesel Motorhomes are Serious Touring Machines

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter platform is one of the most advanced driving machines around as well as one of the cleanest burning diesels in existence. class c diesel motorhomesCouple this with the fact that Class C motorhomes built of these chassis’ can achieve a whopping average of 22 miles per gallon, makes the attraction to them almost a no brainer. These coaches are tailor made for those who live to do some serious traveling in their free time within a decent amount of room and comfort, especially when equipped with a slide or two. The ample storage built into the chassis of many of these offerings means you can take it all with you even on long trips and extended excursions, leaving little behind.

Winnebago has continued its legacy with its contribution in the Class C diesel motorhome arena with the “View” and the “View Profile”. The “View” comes in two floorplans, both 24’6” in length. The first features a booth dinette and a refrigerator in a driver’s side slide opposite a complete galley, passenger side, and the addition of a double bed opposite a complete bathroom built into the driver’s side rear. The other eliminates the rear bed and features a larger bathroom taking up the rear of the coach, and sports a larger slide housing both a booth dinette and a sofa sleeper. Both models house a cabover bed over the cockpit like a traditional Class C, and can be ordered with a front overhead storage and/or entertainment center instead.

The “View Profile” is available in one unique floorplan that’s a real eye catcher. The front of the coach greets you with a small slide housing a sofa sleeper diesel class c motorhomesbed, while one will find a full galley passenger side, opposite an enclosed head midship.  In the rear of the coach you’ll find a comfortable queen bedroom that has a queen bed mounted in a slideout that extends out the back of the rig opening up the bedroom. Both the “View” and the “View Profile” feature ultra-comfortable and ergonomic cockpits for hours of relaxing driving and sport swivel seats that become part of the interior when parked.

Fleetwood continues its tradition of supplying innovative RV’s over the years and has also taken to the Mercedes Sprinter platform with its Class C offerings. They offer no less than four models each with 2 floorplans in different price ranges, namely the Jamboree DSL, Tioga DSL, Jamboree Sport DSL and the Tioga Ranger DSL. The floorplans are essentially the same as the Winnebago with the added difference in that the larger Jamboree and regular Tioga offer additional interior room and storage with their 32 foot or so lengths. The smaller Jamboree Sport and the Tioga Ranger  also offer similar floorplan arrangements to the Winnebago’s in more compact lengths of around 25’.

How About a Custom Class C Diesel Motorhome?

If the standard models on the RV dealers’ lots don’t tickle your fancy you can always opt for some custom work from Xplorer RV. They offer two lines of class c diesel motorhomeClass C’s, the Freedom II Serenity and the 21 foot Sprinter Xtreme. Both lines offer a huge array of options including yacht inspired diesel based appliances like space heaters, water heaters and cooktops for higher levels of nomadic self-sufficiency. The boat-like interiors reflect the marine influence and a large number of floorplans are available in the Sprinter Xtreme model. As an added bonus Xplorer will custom build to your specs if you so desire to get that one of a kind coach tailored to your specifications.

Is a Class C Diesel Motorhome a Good Choice for Fulltiming?

Fulltimers may want to take a cautious look at these coaches for extended fulltime living, though the larger models could certainly do for those who don’t need the storage and room available in a big Class A. These units definitely fill a niche between being neither too small nor too large, and the ease of operation, maneuverability, and excellent diesel fuel economy make them very tempting.  Those who really want to cover a lot of territory and will be on the move should give them a serious look. The exciting offerings in the Class C diesel motorhomes segment should please serious travelers or more minimal fulltimers alike.

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