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Cheap RV Living Comes with the Territory

When many search out for ways to pursue cheap RV living, they are often surprised to find that the RV lifestyle comes out to be cheaper than most. This especially applies to those who pursue the lifestyle fulltime rather than those who are taking vacations, though studies are also finding that RV travel is the cheapest form of travel available. Those who are in the enviable position to fulltime can explore the nuances of the lifestyle as to how they would like to live it. In turn they can control costs by being aware of their needs and refining their finances towards meeting them.

The Pros and Cons of Cheap RV Living

Those who are truly on a budget will have to pay the most attention to their financial outlay. If one is still in the working world, the good news is that cheap rv living 2living in an RV fulltime as opposed to an apartment, condo or house, has definite cost savings over conventional housing. You can further control costs by making your own meals instead of eating out, shopping for cheaper clothes and so on. Inherently, fulltime RV living uses fewer resources to heat, cool, and run the smaller appliances standard in most RV’s.

Some feel that fulltiming is sub-standard compared to living in a stick home.  It is true that living in a cheaper or older coach with little insulation and standard windows in a colder area, can be challenging. Those who own better units especially those manufactured in the last few years will find themselves living in coaches that can be compared to a nice apartment on wheels. If at all possible, try and purchase or finance an RV that is well built for the elements. This will greatly contribute to your satisfaction with the lifestyle.

No Pain, No Gain?

There are two main areas that you will spend less or more money depending on your choices and actions. It is understandable that those that purchase and live fulltime in RVs, do so dreaming of traveling. That is the main allure of RV life, yet at the same time, it can be the area of the most expense. A cheap rv livingsimple axiom can be that if you want to save money, travel less. If the budget allows, travel, see and do more.

Hand in hand with controlling and budgeting your traveling will be budgeting for parking. Many RV parks will have a monthly or even a seasonal rate available at great cost savings over paying by the night or even the week. Taking advantage of these rates can help to conserve those dollars. If you find yourself working in an area for a period of time, definitely check into seasonal or at least monthly rates. Keep in mind that parking in state parks or even forest service camps can be some of the most expensive camping available. Couple that with the fact that this usually does not include hookups of any kind, and you’ll probably think twice.

Home Grown Business for the Ultimate Lifestyle

For many, staying put and traveling less is tolerable, but traveling is the allure of fulltime RVing. Luckily in these times with cellular communications and fast internet everywhere, starting businesses on the road only takes a little money and a laptop computer. Indeed, starting a profitable website is probably one of the cheapest businesses around to get started in. Becoming successful in this field though takes dedication, time and energy. If you have what it takes, this can be the ultimate combination; the ability to freely travel with a source of income that is not dependent on your location.

There are a great many ways to pursue the RV lifestyle on the cheap, though the greatest fact is that living this way, is one of the cheapest ways of life around. Despite the cost savings, you get gain the added bonus of being able to see and do so much more. If you can also combine that fact with your ability to start and deploy businesses of various types on the road, you can pursue your travel dreams at the same time even though in your “working years”. Being in this enviable position you will realize that cheap RV living is in the eye of the beholder.

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