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Campervan Rental – Try BEFORE You Buy

If you’ve got your eye on purchasing a new camper van, take into consideration trying a campervan rental to get a taste of what real ownership would be like. Renting a camper van is a great way to try before you buy. Those who feel that a smaller van would be a good alternative to a motorhome, would benefit by renting some camper vans that are the same or similar to what they would like to purchase.

Many are attracted to traveling in campervans as a convenient and viable alternative to traditional travel by way of airlines, buses and endless motels. Having to pack and unpack, look for restaurants and other food sources, can get old on a trip of any length especially where there are frequent moves campervan rentalfrom one location to another. A van camper makes taking care of yourself and your fellow travelers fairly easy and in relative comfort and self-sufficiency.

In the end, this not only saves lots of time to devote to other things, but coupled with the small size of the van, makes it easy to get around do things spontaneously and at will. Also take note that the cost of renting a campervan can be lower or in the least comparable to renting motels. Add to this the fact that you can take care of and make all of your own meals easily if you wish, plus not having to move in and out of lodging of all sorts, means you really come out ahead in many ways.

Simulating Ownership With A Campervan Rental

If ownership is in your future, be sure and rent the van camper under the same or similar conditions as you would be when using it in real life. Take trips of similar length that you anticipate taking upon when you own. A  van camper may be fun on a weekend, but if in reality you’ll be using it for trips of a week or longer, be sure and take several trips of at LEAST the same length as a simulation of what it would be like to own it.

What often looks good on the dealer lot pales under real world road conditions. Planning out and executing several campervan rentals can help you figure this out. If you anticipate using the camper van for domestic chores such as taking the kids to soccer games, grocery shopping and other family tasks, be sure and try out the van around town on these excursions to. By doing so, deficiencies you may not have anticipated will reveal themselves. It is best to figure these things out with rentals than to make a big purchase that one may regret.

Where Can I Rent Campervans?

Renting a van camper is relatively easy in modern times thanks to the Internet. Camper vans are easily rented in most major metropolitan areas. Some campervan-rentalsrental agencies that feature van campers include Escape Campervans, Camper USA, and many others. Many of the larger RV rental services that carry motorhomes for rent will usually feature one or more camper vans in their lineup as well.

Featured models can range from simple “bare bones” models like a normal van but with some self-sufficient camping systems built in, to full standup height models with raised fiberglass ceilings, bathrooms with showers, full RV systems and so on. When trying out a certain van for possible purchasing, it is wise to test out something as close as possible to the one you have your eye on. Though you may have to search it out, it pays in the long run. Again the internet is your best friend.

Starting with the VW conversions of the past to the luxurious conversions like the Mercedes Sprinter today, van camper conversions are appealing alternatives to large motorhomes of all classes. Luckily they are also available almost everywhere for rent too and in the many makes and models that one would be interested in owning. This makes a campervan rental a no-brainer before buying one.

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