Small RV’s

Small RV’s are all the rage in today’s culture. More and more people are recreating by Recreational Vehicle than ever before. Cost conscious travelers are also looking to conserve funds during their escapes, thus giving rise to a growing market of smaller, more economical to operate RV’s.  A small RV also has the distinct advantage of being easy to drive greatly contributing to the overall enjoyment of your trip. Traveling in one of these units can overall, be a spontaneous, fun experience with all the comforts of home in a minimal footprint. Leaving for a quick weekend is easy without much pre-planning needed, unlike preparing and operating one of the larger rigs available.

The Morphing & Expanding World Of Small RV’s

The world of small RV’s encompasses everything from motorized units to small towables.  In the motorized category, one can find a large array of small motorhomes ranging from numerous Class B and B+ camper vans in a wide variety of configurations, to an expanding variety of choices in the Class C motorhome field.  In common with all of these units, are pleasing floorplans with all the comforts of home housed in an agile, compact package.  The small motorized coaches are ideal for those who can afford to have a separate rig parked in their drive for the express purpose of travel.  Keep in mind that you can also use these RV’s as a second car especially the vans for everyday chores, going to special events and so on.

The definition of a small RV doesn’t just mean something with an engine in it.  As consumers are watching their budgets more in this economy, the offerings of super lightweight towables has also made their appearance.  Traditionally, among the first of the smallest and lightest campers from the past have been the many folding camper designs. Today, modern, space age materials combined with futuristic manufacturing practices have yielded small travel trailers, small fifth wheels or the many expandable and hybrid designs that defy the imagination.  The lightweight division of the RV industry is growing larger each year especially as people opt for smaller, more cost-effective SUV type vehicles to purchase.  These are the perfect companions to a compact, lightweight towable.

A Pickup Truck Is Halfway To An RV

Those who own a four wheel drive truck and want to wander the back roads in search of pristine out of the way destinations will be greeted with numerous smaller truck campers built of the same lightweight materials as the towable units.  A variety of rigs that can match even the most compact of trucks can be had, making the perfect getaway combination that can readied in short time for spur-of-the-moment getaways.  Indeed a 4×4 pickup truck and a camper is a true go anywhere exploration machine.  In the go anywhere class, we can also include a compact four wheel drive SUV and one of the smaller towables.

Full-timing In A Small RV

Keep in mind that while these units are indeed attractive to drive and operate, they pale when it comes to full-timing.  While smart and functional for those who desire to do some shorter term RV camping, long term living in one of these small RV’s is not recommended except in the larger, though still fairly small, Class C motorhomes which we cover.  Fulltimers and snowbirds have a different agenda altogether as they are in need of a “house” on wheels.  If you are looking to RV as a permanent lifestyle, we caution against purchasing one of the smaller coaches for long term RV living.

Modern day manufacturing has yielded an appealing selection of efficient, reasonably priced, and deft RV’s that will appeal to a broad section of the traveling public.  Explore the other more specific category pages of this site below to learn more about the details of what is available for you to purchase and enjoy.  No matter what, with a little preliminary study and evaluation, you can’t go wrong with the acquisition of one of these smaller recreational vehicles.

Come along with us and find out why people that travel in small RV’s often find, that “Smaller CAN be Better”!

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